Wednesday, February 19th, 2020
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Divorce, Pensions and Retirement Benefits Newsletters

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  1. Retirement Plans
  2. Joint and Survivor Annuity Beneficiary
  3. Methodology Problems with Immediate Distribution of Marital Property
  4. How to Avoid Unexpected Surprises When Using a QDRO
  5. Become a Settlement Language Pro
  6. Getting Paid
  7. Controlling the Preparation of the QDRO
  8. Addressing QDRO's in a Settlement Agreement
  9. When Is QDRO the Wrong Settlement Tool?
  10. Public Defined Benefit Plans - Common, Unique, and Tricky
  11. Creative Settlement Strategies
  12. Valuing Defined Benefit Plans
  13. Post-Divorce Adjustments to the Retirement Asset Distribution
  14. Identifying the Marital Portion of a Defined Contribution Plan
  15. Anticipating Defined Contribution Plan QDRO Postmarital Property Cut-Off Date Problems
  16. Gathering the Information Needed to Value and Distribute a Defined Benefit (Pension) Retirement Asset
  17. Retirement Benefits and Divorce 101
  18. Avoiding Future Problems
  19. Government Funded Pension QDROs
  20. The QDRO Gamble
  21. The QDRO Gamble, Part Two
  22. The QDRO Gamble, Part Three
  23. The Most Catastrophic QDRO Mistake and How to Avoid It
  24. Getting Help
  25. Retirement Asset Distribution Methods
  26. New Years Resolutions for Family Law Attorneys
  27. Model Orders
  28. QDRO Mechanics
  29. The Rules of the Game
  30. Negotiating the Retirement Benefits Section of the Settlement Agreement
  31. An Overview of Public Employee QDROs
  32. Looking at a Hypothetical Case Which Includes the Distribution of Marital Property Retirement Assets
  33. Refresher Course - Defining Defined Benefit Plans
  34. Dealing With QDROs That Were Never Written
  35. Defined Contribution Plans – Problems in Accurately Identifying the Marital Share
  36. Dealing With Troubled Pension Plans
  37. Client Expectations and QDROs
  38. Why Two Pension Appraisals are Usually Better than One
  39. Understanding the Differences Between Regular Active Duty and a Reserve Military Pension
  40. Revisiting the Problems Created for Family Law Attorneys by Troubled Defined Benefit Plans
  41. Hardball Discovery Tactics
  42. Survivor Benefits
  43. Getting a Domestic Relations Order Implemented without Writing an Order
  44. Why an Equal Distribution of all the Retirement Asset Components is Mandatory in a Lengthy Marriage
  45. Is "Winning" a Divorce Case a Legitimate Goal?
  46. How to Identify the Marital Portion of a Defined Contribution Plan
  47. Working with Offsetting Retirement Benefits
  48. Anticipating the Demise of Private Defined Benefit Plans and What Can You Do About It?
  49. Some Ideas for Addressing Plan Termination Contingencies
  50. Specificity and its Importance to the Family Law Practicioner
  51. Qualified Domestic Relations Orders - 101
  52. Can a Defective Order be Corrected?
  53. If You Have to Initiate Litigation -- You Probably Lost the Case!
  54. Ten Most Common Retirement Asset Problems
  55. Valuing a Retirement Savings Account
  56. Using a QDRO as a Settlement Tool
  57. Addressing a Changing Economy: Settlement Language and Defined Contribution Plan QDRO's
  58. Addressing a Changing Economy: The Liabilities of QDRO Pre-Approval
  59. Addressing a Changing Economy: Turning QDRO Preparation Over to Your Client
  60. Addressing a Changing Economy:QDRO Preparation: What is Your Ethical Responsibility?

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